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Retail Banking Products

To open any deposit account in BDB for the first time, our valued customer should be introduced by an existing client. And need to fill up the Customer Information Form (CIF) which requires a passport size photo and legal stamp each. Basic documents required to open any account.

  1. Dully filled CIF Form (If opening account for the first time in BDB).
  2. Dully filled retail account opening form (Except for Corporate Accounts )
  3. Passport Size Photograph -2
  4. Legal Stamp-2
  5. Copy of CID/Work Permit -1
  6. Birth Certificate for Minor
  7. Corporate account opening form for Corporate deposits.
  8. Business Licence, meeting resolutions, an application and specimen signatures of Joint Signatory to operate the account. (In case of corporate FD )
Type of deposit account
  1. Savings
  2. Fixed Deposit
  3. Recurring Deposit
  4. Steady Income Plan
Please contact our nearest branch office or call toll free # 142 at Head Office, Thimphu for details.

Fixed Deposit

A Fixed Deposit (also interchangeably referred to as a Term Deposit) are funds deposited by customers for a fixed period, decided in advance, with a contracted interest rate guaranteed not to change for duration of the deposit, with proceeds payable only at maturity.

Individual Fixed Deposit

A fixed amount is deposit for a fixed period of time and generally withdraw able both the principal and interest on maturity. The interest provided depends on the duration for which the client is opening the FD account for.

Deposit Amount

Minimum 10,000
Maximum No Limit

Deposit Period

Minimum >1 Year
Individual Fixed Deposits
> 1 Year <= 2 Years 6.50%
> 2 Years <= 3 Years 7.25%
> 3 Years <= 4 Years 7.50%
> 4 Years <= 5 Years 7.75%
> 5 Years <= 6 Years 7.75%
> 6 Years <= 7 Years 8.00%
> 7 Years <= 8 Years 8.25%
> 8 Years <= 9 Years 8.25%
> 9 Years <= 10 Years 8.50%
> 10 Years 9%

Recurring Deposits (RD) Recurring Deposit (RD) is a facility for those people who have regular incomes, and who wish to regularly deposit a small, fixed amount at pre-determined periods, and for a fixed period. The interest depends on the period for which the client agrees to deposit the said RD amount.

Installment Amount
Minimum Amount: Nu.100 Maximum Amount: No Limit
Installment Period
Min : >6 months
> 6 Months <= 9 Months 5.75%
> 9 Months <= 1 Year 6.00%
> 1 Year <= 2 Years 7.00%
> 2 Years <= 3 Years 7.50%
> 3 Years <= 4 Years 8.00%
> 4 Years <= 5 Years 8.25%
> 5 Years <= 6 Years 8.50%
> 6 Years <= 7 Years 8.60%
> 7 Years <= 8 Years 8.80%
> 8 Years <= 9 Years 8.90%
> 9 Years <= 10 Years 9.00%
> 10 Years 9.10%
Note: Interest Rates are subjected to change from time to time.

Saving Account

Savings Accounts are accounts that have been designed to encourage the culture of saving amongst private individuals, housewives, and other members of the community. It provides a nest-egg for the rainy day, and encourages thrift by paying a modest interest rate.

Drinchen  Ama Savings Account

Drinchen Ama Savings account is a variant of a regular savings account focused to the home makers/ heads of families (usually the mothers) who are in charge of the wellbeing of the family, to help them save, inculcate financial discipline and secure the family. We are offering 5.60% interest rate per annum. A minimum amount of Nu.50 along with a khaddar/scarf and Drinchen Ama Savings Box is provided to the clients.

Pensioners Saving Account

Pensioners’ Savings Account is a special type of savings account maintained by the bank as desired by the National Pension and Provident Fund (NPPF), for the convenience of pension holders, and have all the features of a regular savings account, except for the following special requirements:
  1. A Pensioner’s Savings Account shall be opened only upon the receipt of an official request letter from the NPPF to open such an account.
  2. Pensioner’s Savings Accounts shall be operated only by the account holder.
  3. No deposits to the Pensioner’s Savings Account, other than the transfers made by the NPPF, shall be accepted.
  4. Only personal withdrawals from the account, through withdrawal forms, shall be allowed. The withdrawal form should invariably be accompanied by the account passbook and the pension ID card for each withdrawal.
  5. ATM cards and cheque facility is not to be allowed against Pensioner’s Savings Account, unless otherwise stated.
Product Description Yearly
Savings 5%
Drinchen Ama Savings Account 5.60%
Group Indvidual Compulsory Savings Account 6.10%
Pensioners SavingsAccount 5.60%
Note: Interest Rates are subjected to change from time to time

Steady Income Plan (SIP) Steady Income Plan for individuals, with interest paid at regular frequencies as desired by the customer on monthly/quarterly/half yearly and yearly basis and only the  principal amount is payable at maturity. Amount Limit Minimum Amount: 100,000 Maximum Amount: No Limit
Deposit Period Min: > 1 Year

>1 Year<=2 Years 6.79% 6.67% 6.61% 6.57%
>2 Years<=3 Years 7.04% 6.91% 6.84% 6.80%
>3 Years<=4 Years 7.26% 7.11% 7.04% 6.99%
>4 Years<=5 Years 7.30% 7.14% 7.07% 7.01%
>5 Years<=6 Years 7.34% 7.18% 7.10% 7.04%
>6 Years <=7 Years 7.38% 7.22% 7.13% 7.08%
>7 Years<=8Years 7.40% 7.23% 7.15% 7.09%
>8 Years<=9Years 7.43% 7.26% 7.18% 7.12%
>9 Years<=10Years 7.44% 7.27% 7.19% 7.13%
10 Years and above 7.46% 7.30% 7.22% 7.17%
*Interest Payout Frequency. Note: Interest Rates are subjected to change from time to time

YE Banking is a new concept floated by RMA in 2018, with the aim to bring young students in to the banking system. Only students below the age of 18 are eligible to hold YE banking accounts. This concept has been designed to:

  1. Inculcate the savings habit and
  2. Educate our youngsters on practical financial knowledge on banking, insurance and others.
When schools design and encourage children to participate in activities on values, ethics, competencies and other capabilities merged with the ongoing activity during a calendar year. The activities include, but are not limited to, quizzes, morning speeches/ extempore, financial clubs, dramas, essay competition, story writing, poem, debates, art, game designs, songs, enterprising ideas etc. When children perform or participate in such activities, they are rewarded with Dummy Bank Notes (DBN) that is pegged with Bank Points (BP). The Bank Points earned during the year gets converted to real money on an annual basis which will then be deposited into “My YE-Banking Pass Book” issued by the school.


A cheque is an unconditional order addressed to the bank that orders it to pay a specific amount of money from a person's account to the person in whose name the cheque has been issued.

Pay Order (Also called Banker’s cheque/ Cash Warrant)

Pay Orders are issued to customers for transactions within the bank and within the country only. Before issuing the Pay Order the customers’ money is parked to the bank’s account. It is not necessary for a person to maintain bank account to avail Pay Order.

Demand Drafts

This type of cheque is issued by a bank to help customers withdraw money from another bank, both within as well as outside the country. The customer’s money is deposited in bank’s account prior to issuing this kind of a demand draft; this transaction does not necessitate the customer to have an account at the bank.

Current Deposit Accounts

are non-interest bearing deposit accounts that enables customer to handle their transactions, collect cheques/bills and make payments. This type of account is not meant for saving funds, and therefore has no restrictions on amount or number of withdrawal/deposits. The account can be operated using cheques and written instructions.