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Bhutan Development Bank

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Banking Hours


Monday - Friday : 9:00AM to 4:00PM


Monday - Friday : 9:00AM to 3:00PM

(Saturday : 9:00AM to 11:00AM)


7.04% w.e.f. February 2018

ATM Services

BDB offers ATM services through 45 locations nationwide.BDB is part of Bhutan Financial Switch (BFS) & BIPS network and interbank transactions are available.

The following services are provided.

  1. Cash Withdrawal
  2. Balance Enquiry
  3. PIN Change
  4. Fast Cash
  5. Cardless Withdrawal
  6. Inter-Bank Fund Transfers through BIPS (Bhutan Immediate Payment System)
Fees & Charges
ATM Transactions
Free if both the CARD & ATM are of our Bank
Nu.8 on Balance Enquiry from 6th transaction if it is other bank CARD
Nu.12 on Balance Withdrawals from 6th transaction if it is other bank’s CARD
Card Charges
Nu. 300 while availing ATM Card for the first time
Nu.200 if it is replacement whether it is due to expiry/loss/damaged
Cheque Charges
Free on first issue for both Saving & Current Cheque
Nu.50.00 for saving and Nu.100.00 for Current for subsequent cheques
Pass Book
Free when issuing for the first time
Nu.20 will be charged from second issue
Point of Sale
Nu.12/transaction will be born by issuing Bank