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Farmer’s Outreach Banking

Farmer’s Outreach Banking (FOB)  is a service provided by the BDB field staff to the rural communities by visiting the pre-determined place, date and time of meeting on a regular basis.The place,time and date of the meeting is discussed with the general public and finalized for implementation well in advance.Each branch offices shall formulate an annual banking Plan and the concerned regional offices will monitor its implementation.
Farmer’s Outreach Banking  is like a mini bank brought to the field with whole lot of banking services of BDB to the rural people. During the Farmer’s Outreach Banking  banking,among others,the following activities are being carried out:

  • Loan intake/loan documentation
  • Project site visit
  • Loan Approval and disbursement
  • Loans and Savings collection
  • Savings withdrawals
  • Project supervision & monitoring and
  • Other banking related activities