Bhutan Development Bank Ltd

Your Development Partner Since 1989

Banking Hours

Monday - Friday : 9:00AM to 4:00PM

Saturday : 9:00AM to 11:00AM

Base Rate

Base Rate @ 10.67%

Sms Banking

To avail our SMS banking service, please fill up the registration form and submit to our nearest branch. Upon registration, you will receive a PIN Code which nees to be used for every SMS Banking service that you would like to avail.


SMS Message Format:

For Balance Enquiry request:

B*<Account Number>*<PIN Number>

Example: B*000110038765*12345 and send it to 2288

For Fund Transfer (Account to Account money Transfer):

T*<From Account Number>*<To Account Number>*<PIN Number>*<Amount>

Example: T*000110038765*000110038769*12345*1200 and send it to 2288

Note: Upon successful fund transfer, customer will receive the transaction successful SMS with transaction number.


For Remittance (Account to Non-Account holder money Transfer):

R*<Sender Branch Code>*<PIN Number>*<Remittance Amount>*<Payee/Beneficary Name, Citizenship ID Number,Contact Number>

Example: R*0001*12345*2000*Yangchen, CID # 10508772345,17111110 and send it to 2288

Payee Details: It should contain the details of Payee along with name and details as shown in above example.

Branch Code: It should contain sender’s Branch Code and it can be identified from your Account Number. Your Account Number consists of 12 digits and first FOUR digit of your account number is the Branch Code.

Note: As soon as the Message/SMS is send, the remitter will receive Remittance Number and Remittance PIN in his/her mobile (Sender’s Mobile) which should be convyed to the Payee. Payee then will visit our nearest branch with Remittance Number and Remittance PIN to withdraw the money.


To Change PIN:

C*<Customer ID>*<Old PIN Number>*<New PIN Number>

Example: C*000110032865*12345*66544 and send it to 2288

BDBL short for sending SMS is 2288 for both T-Cell and B-Mobile subscriber.