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Banking Hours

Monday - Friday : 9:00AM to 4:00PM

Saturday : 9:00AM to 11:00AM

Base Rate

Base Rate @ 10.67%

Credit Delivery Procedure

Loan Processing Procedures- Head Office Credit Operations

Steps Person Responsible Activity Time Frame
1 Customer’s Collect Loan Application Form and Guide to Applicants from customer Desk On any working day
2 Customer Desk Loan application form is received by the Customer desk and  submits the forms and project reports to Dy. General Manager/General Manager of Credit Operations. 1 day
3 Dy. General Manager, Credit Operations Maintains a record receipt of applications

Compile loan applications including those recommended by regional and branch offices

Distributes applications to Sector heads and product service officers(PSOs) for project appraisal before presenting to the Credit Committee for approval



1 Day
4 Sector Heads and PSOs (Credit Operation) Orients clients on BDBL’s credit policies and procedures. Assist clients to come up with project report and submits project feasibility report

Site visit to the project sites & submit reports appropriately

3-5 Working days
5 Engineer, Credit Operations Assist in civil  work estimates and collateral valuation within the same working day as given in sl.no 4 (done side by side) or at the convenience of the client
6 General Manager (Credit Operations) Upon the receipt of the project appraisal report from the sector heads and PSOs, the proposal is presented to the Credit Committee Meeting CCM is held on every every week (normally on Friday)
7 Sector Heads/ PSO PSO after making amendment according to the outcomes of CCM prepares sanction letter for the approved projects and sends it to the concerned branch office for documentation and disbursement of the loan

The declined projects are sent back to the customer desk or the concerned branch office


1 day
8 Dispatcher Documents are posted as addressed (Accepted or rejected) Same day or nexy day


Loan Processing Procedures- Branch Office

Steps Person responsible Activity Time Frame
1 Branch Manager Records and compiles the loan Applications

Conduct site visits/prepares reports

Forwards detailed project appraisal report above the authorized sanction limit to the regional manager

Gives feedback to the clients

3 working days
2 Regional Manager Screens the proposal

Ensures the legal documents are complete in all respects

Approves.rejects the loan up to Nu. 500,000 and for loans above Nu. 500,000 recommends to the Head Office for Credit Committee

2 working days